Speech Therapy: Voice

A child with significant physical disabilities is able to make a full life for themselves, if they have a full grasp of their voice. A voice through a device is able to let us know how intelligent a mentee is, which allows the team to create an academic program that will challenge them instead rather than a program that is below their abilities. Communication devices are the tool that the mentee can use to demonstrate what they are capable of doing, academic wise. The communication device becomes a part of the child, so they are able to solely concentrate on school and doing their best.
As a mentor who went through the general education program with success and then was able to go on to college with just my voice, I believe children should have the same opportunities as I had with their voices. If I am able to work with toddlers, then I would be able to get them into general education by the time they are in pre-school age. If a child fully understands and believes that they are able to participate in general education, they are going to expect more from themselves.
As part of the first generation, I went through general education since the second-grade, I believe in showing the children how much they are expected to accomplish with their voice. I tell my mentees, I am going to give them their voice! BUT they have to take the gift and do something great with their lives. Communication enables children to have the ability and power, especially for significantly physically disabled children; it gives them the chance of a “typical” life, which is the reason why Speech Language Pathologists and mentors went into this field.
Until Next Time, Enjoy Your Children