Speech Therapy: Tailoring Communication Devices

Communication devices are most useful when tailored to the child’s specific needs. A toddler is naturally going to use the body part they have most control over and feels natural, but they must first be giving the opportunity to work with different equipment to find what fits best. The speech language pathologist and occupational therapists will observe each limb and aid in determining which body part is most beneficial to the child.
Communication comes in all forms. A child with significantly limiting disabilities may be more inclined to use their eye for manipulating the mouse on a communication device. On the other hand, there are still a plethora of options for communication as technology is certainly advancing. As I have mentioned, I’m a severely physically disabled adult who uses a device with a sensitive tracker to follow an infer red light on my head. I have the ability to be a part of our society because of this sensitive technology. I strongly encourage parents to take advantage of the rapidly expanding technology, as it is one of the strongest tools to connect your child to the rest of society.
What I love most about what I do is truly helping to bring out the inner beauty of the child by influencing them to communicate with the world. A voice is a very powerful tool to have; especially when the child has aspirations to create a life for themselves. If your child was in a different body, they would still possess an “end goal” for themselves.

Remember your children, are children first. The disabilities are a part of them; not who they are. Deep down inside your child is there, they just need a little assistance to express their thoughts. A disabled individual with drive in life is going to find a way to access whatever they need. Our job as adults is to make the specific goal within their reach by providing them with a strong voice.
Until next time, enjoy your children!