Speech Therapy AAC: Medical World

The medical world is behind on AAC(Augmentative Alternative Communication) technology and medical schools, should start teaching the students about AAC. As a AAC patient, who does educate people on AAC for a living, I am usually more understanding about this ignorance but the average patient should not have to educate doctors or nurses, etc. when they are not feeling well. The students in medical school should start having a course on AAC as a requirement for graduation so that patients should not have to spend the first ten minutes of a doctors appointment, having to explain, how they communicate.
As professionals we usually lecture to students in speech therapy classes, which is great but we are missing half of the medical care system. I would like all of us to start thinking about going into other fields and lecturing about speech devices. My clients are in the hospital all the time receiving routine treatments and they should not have to educate people before/after receiving medical care. As someone who gives a lot of lectures on my technique of mentoring I realize that I am typically lecturing to an audience who already get the technology and we need to go into different disciplines.
As professionals we are not just working with our clients but as least for myself and my colleagues we are also lecturing to the new generation of professionals in our field. I would like to challenge new speech-language pathologists, to lecture to medical students. Our goal should be to have the medical world up to date on AAC, so the patients, can just get treated.

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