Speech Therapist: Why become an speech therapist?

Why Do This Job?
In college I knew I wanted to get into the field of Speech Language pathology because giving someone the ability to communicate is giving them a chance at having a semi-normal life. As speech-language pathologists and mentors, we have the unique job of giving our clients voices to be able to take care of themselves. I believe that if someone with significant physical disabilities has the ability to communicate independently, they will also have the ability to take better care of themselves. Language is crucial for children with complex physical disabilities as communicating is how they can direct aides to do their care.

I am a believer in communication as a means for someone who is locked-in to be able to live away from home and have a successful life. I got into this field because I wanted to help children with my similar disabilities communicate and live out their goals. Most of the time, I receive young adults who need to see someone in their same physical condition, living the life they have the desire to live. I work mostly with my mentees on communicating independently, as I believe communicating without help will successfully guarantee independent living but also to live out their aspirations. Communicating on their own gives them the ultimate power over their lives and gives their parents a chance to have a “normal” relationship with the child.

A child with this newly discovered voice is able to see possibilities of living their life without the family and be able to be like anyone else when they grow up. All my clients have moved on and come ‘into themselves’ because they are now able to communicate independently. I do this job because I love seeing children living out their dreams and goals. Clients who have the ability to grow up to be independent communicators are more likely to go to college and to live on their own. The child who communicates independently at an early age has a greater chance of going into general education and earn a high school diploma.
Our job allows us to give children with significant physical and speech disabilities a chance for a “typical” life by being able to talk and demonstrate knowledge. Communication via devices allow our clients to demonstrate knowledge like any other person. Seeing children blossom into themselves, discovering that they have a voice of their own, is worth millions. At least for myself – this is why I do this job. At the end of the day, if I have a small break-through with a child, it’s all worth the time and effort working with them.
Until Next time, Enjoy Your Children