Speech Therapist: Communication as a support system

As professionals in speech therapy we know and understand how communication can be someone’s livelihood.   Communicating well with a communication device has the ability to give a person who has significant physical disabilities a chance to make a living and a life for themselves.    I am living proof someone with significant physical and speech disabilities can make a life for themselves and have people to actually rely on them for their expertise.   At the last IEP I attended I was the point person for every question about the client as I know a lot about the issues that the particular client is currently experiencing.   We want our clients to grow up to make a difference in society and that starts with helping the individual develop adequate communication skills.

I have several of mentees and the ones who are thriving are the ones who have adequate support at home as well as at school.   Children across the board need a strong support system at home to be able to grow and blossom at school and therapy.   The mentee who is having a challenging time moving her communication goals also has older and ill parents caring for her.   My mentees who are thriving in therapy have families who are able to support them adequately and the families also have extra help to support the child.   As professionals, we can offer the struggling families resources for in home help but the family has to want to get help.   Communication will help the individual to create their own support system later in life if we are given the opportunity to work with them.

Communication allows adults to build the kind of support system that they want when they are adults.   Adequate communication is going to allow the person to live in their own home instead of a group home.   If your client is high functioning communication will allow the person to earn a bachelor degree.   I have a college who is a full quad and he is lecturing at our college.   Communication opens doors   to be opened for those with significant physical disabilities which is the reason for most of us to get into this field.

Until Next Time, Enjoy Your Children