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Speech Therapy: Brain Versus Mind

Brain Versus Mind

Someone can be severely brain damaged and they can be severely physically disabled due to an injury but they can have a normal, developing mind. As you know, the brain has specific parts dedicated to movement, thought processing, speech and more. I have referred to my mentees many times in my blog and they are normal children other than needing communication devices to communicate. The communication devices allow us to understand the person inside of the mind and that is how we can get to know the true person inside the severely disabled body.

Most of my mentees are normally developed and we would have not known that if they did not have voices to demonstrate their mental capabilities. The mind is a completely different system from the brain. Take myself for an example: My brain is so severely damaged that I am a quadriplegic and a locked-in individual but my mind is totally “normal”. I am able to be in the field of work that helps children communicate. As a speech-language pathologist you are going to have the power to give people a tool to let their true self be known.

Speech Therapist have the knowledge and the expertise to allow someone to let out their authentic self to the world. My favorite aspect of my job is being present when my mentee first reveals their authentic self with a communication device. There is a big smile and a sound of excitement. When we are able to see the client conversing and stop noticing the communication device — our job is complete! This is the moment that most of us went to school for so let’s take our time to enjoy the moment when the little pieces of the puzzle fall in place.

Until Next Time, Enjoy Your Children