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Speech Therapy: School Versus Actual Life

School Versus Actual Life

Most children receive a communication device while in school, to enable them to demonstrate knowledge. Upon transitioning school to ‘real life’, most students stop receiving assistance from a speech-language pathologist to help program their device. This is outrageous, as being an adult is when you would use your voice the most and need advance programming!
As a mentor I have seen my clients who use scanning to access their talkers stop communicating due to the lack of support. We must figure out how to get insurance companies to understand why funding speech therapy for adults is so important and not just for the six visits to setup the talker. Most families are too busy with performing the individual’s care to have time to deal with the technology. I have a mentee who has been without her device for more than a month because the family is busy dealing with other life issues. I want us, as professionals, to convince insurance companies to pay for on-going speech therapy because disabled adults without voices are in danger of being abused.
As professionals, I would like all of us to commit to following up with our clients after they are out of our service, to make sure they are still communicating. Disabled adults who can talk are substantially less likely to be abused as they can speak up about their abuser. Speech therapy needs to continue beyond school as severely disabled adults must have someway to protect themselves and continue to upgrade their language skills and potential vocational goals.

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