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Speech Therapy: Communication as a Means to Making a Living

Communication as a Means for Making a Living

As my followers are well aware, I make a living by working with youth on communication skills. In stating that, speech therapist are able to give their clients tools to make a living with, as well. A person with accurate communication skills is going to have a better chance of obtaining a job. A person with the ability to work is going to have the freedom of living independently. Full control of communication for a locked-in individual is the vital tool in making sure he or she can earn a decent living.
An Alternative Augmentive Communicator or talker is very powerful as the locked-in individual now has some way to demonstrate their knowledge. As long as the client has the determination to go somewhere in life, their talker will get them there. A child with a voice of their own is more likely to go into general education and they will have a greater chance of going to college. The first step to a successful life is to get the person communicating because nine times out of ten, the person has “normal” intellectual capabilities.
An A.A.C. is going to be the determination factor of a person’s quality of life. A voice is the tool to create a life for themselves. Communication is the key for your client to go on to higher education if they are able to or to create a career of speaking, educating and working with others. Communication also shows the world the person’s unique personality and their mannerisms. A child is going to reveal themselves to you if they have a voice to show the world who they are inside the broken body. Give your client a voice and watch them come into themselves and thrive.

Until Next Time, Enjoy Your Children