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Speech Therapy: Get Support Early

Get Support Early

Children who start working with attendants early in their life will have an easier transition when they reach adulthood and are ready to move out. The child needs to practice communicating with hired help, because they will have to deal with aides when starting to receive twenty-four hour care. As a speech-language pathologist it is going to be your job to work on efficient communication skills so the person is able to communicate their needs.
Communication skills are essential for an individual to live and be proactive in every aspect involving their care. As a mentor in the disability field, I empower children by teaching them their rights; and I had to take classes on disability laws and rights in order to receive a degree and do my job. Now I am assisting one of my mentees to get in home support for the first time.

Mentee’s have the potential to live independently if they possess communication skills by the time they reach high school. If I receive an older child who is behind with their communication skills by high school, I have a harder time bringing the mentee up to speed. Communication skills have to be the first skill developed before anything else will be able to happen for the child.

As a speech therapist you must educate yourself on independent living skills because families will look to you for answers. As speech therapist and mentors it is our job to give them the necessary skills to thrive in their life. Our job is only completed when our clients are doing what they have set out to. Yeah we have this awesome responsibility to our clients to get them talking but it takes special people to have longevity in our career.
Until next time, enjoy your children.